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Exclusive outdoor events like group swimming classes

If you’re not a gym, dance or yoga person, we still have you covered. Get Set Fit truly cares about your fitness and thus offers group swimming classes for all the swimming enthusiasts out there.

Access to wide range of fitness centres in the city

Finding the fitness option that fits your lifestyle, is now easier than ever before. Be it heavy-lifting or zumba, choose your favourite fitness form from a range of 120 options around the city.

Health awareness talks

Our health awareness talks will help you understand your body better than you already do and motivate you to take the next best step towards staying fit.

Fitness programs at your campus (all types of yoga and dance)

Who doesn’t love dancing with their community? Get Set Fit provides unique fitness programs to you & your pals so that you can work, dance and do yoga together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No commitment is required from the organisation.

Yes. The minimum contract period is 12 months to signup and can then be renewed yearly